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Aquatic Program Descriptions

 Starfish 4 – 18 months An introductory class for babies and their caregiver. To enter this level, babies must be able to hold their head up. The goal of this class is to experience buoyancy, movement, entries, and songs and play in the water.

Duck 12 – 24 months For toddlers and older babies with a parent/caregiver. Swimmers learn how to use floating objects for support and explore different water movements through son, games and active water play.

 Sea Turtle 24 – 36 months For toddlers and their parent/caregiver. Swimmers learn, through fun games and songs, how to combine skills, how to kick with a buoyant object and how to perform basic floats, glides and kicks.

 Sea Otter 3 – 5 years A transitional level that transfers the preschooler to the care of the Instructor. Swimmers enter this level when they are 3 years old. Swimmers learn to open their eyes under water, develop basic glides and floats and swim 1 meter.

Salamander 3 – 5 years Swimmers learn to swim 2 meters as well as develop basic floats and increase their distance on front and back glide. Front swim and roll over glide are also included.

Sunfish 3 – 6 years Using games and activities preschoolers learn to swim 5 meters, increase their distance using buoyant objects, and further develop their glides and front swim.

Crocodile 3 – 6 years Endurance is built through increasing distance on their front and back swims. They also perform a dolphin kick and begin using rhythmic breathing.

Whale 3 – 6 years Through fun activities, preschoolers perform a front and back swim for 10 meters and work on developing their flutter kick and distance swim.

Level 1 (5 yrs +) This is an entry level for those who didn’t take the Preschool program. Swimmers receive an orientation to the water and pool area and work on floats, glides and kicks and work on a 5 meter front swim.

Level 2 (5 yrs+) Swimmers work on the front swim (5m) and learn about deep water activities and proper use of a PFD. Fitness activities include the 10 m flutter kick and a 10m distance swim.

Level 3 This level provides an introduction to diving, and teaches swimmers how to make wise choices about where and when to swim. Endurance is achieved be building strength in the flutter kick and 15m swim.

Level 4 This level introduces the front crawl (10m) and back swims with shoulder roll (15m). Swimmers work on kneeling dives and surface support (45s, deep water). Endurance is built through a 25m swim.

Level 5 The back crawl, sculling, whip kick, stride dives and treading water are introduced in this level. Endurance is developed through a 50m swim.

Level 6 Front and back crawl continue to be refined as the elementary back stroke is introduced. Endurance is built through a 75m swim.

Level 7 This level continues to build skills and endurance for the front and back crawl, elementary back stroke and whip kick. Endurance is increased to 150m swim.

Level 8 This level provides an introduction to the breast stroke, feet-first surface dives and rescue entries. Swimmers participate in timed treading water activities. Endurance is built on a 300m swim. Front and back crawl distances are increased to 75m each.

Level 9 Front and back crawl, elementary back stroke and breast strokes continue to be refined. Swimmers are encouraged to combine different kicks for fitness. They also work on head first surface dives and learn about wise choices, peer influences and self rescue from ice. Endurance is built through a 400m swim.

Level 10 This level is a final assessment of the strokes for technique and distance. Swimmers learn about sun safety, rescue of others from ice and head first, feet first surface dives. Endurance is built using the dolphin kick and a 500m swim.