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Attention All Swimmers: COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Staff and Public who are sick or symptomatic MUST stay home.
  • Staff and Public MUST wash or sanitize hands when entering the building.
  • Staff and Public, with the exception of household and extended household contacts, MUST maintain a physical distance of 6ft in all areas, including the swimming pool, deck and seating area.
  • ALL children should be accompanied by an adult to ensure compliance with physical distancing. Children 5 & under should have an adult within arm’s reach.
  • Wherever possible, members of the public should enter and exit the facility in their swim clothes to minimize crowding in bathroom room area.
  • All swimmers MUST take a cleansing shower prior to entering the swimming pool.
  • You MUST pay if you are in the pool area. Our maximum capacity is lower this year due to Covid-19 Guidelines. If you aren’t swimming and we are at capacity, you will be asked to leave pool area and take a seat in the fenced in area or on the benches out front.
  • The pool will not have toys, flutter boards or pool noodles to offer this year. You are welcome to bring your own but must not share with people outside your household contacts. Life jackets will be available from a life guard if needed but must not be shared as it will require proper cleaning after use.
  • You MUST follow directional flow lines on the pool deck. Please be sure to talk to your children about this prior so they know what to look for.
  • There will be no chairs or tables on the grass this year. You are welcome to bring your own as long as you maintain a 6ft distance from your neighbor.